How to get maximum results as a Guest blogger

Love writing? Or as a website holder have you ever thought of guest blogging as your marketing plan? yes, you need to work on guest blogging. As it allows you to drive traffic to your website. Guest blogging is a way to lead your career as a guest blogger. Guest blogging allows your blog to be featured on certain websites.

Do you know what is Guest blogging?

Guest blogging or guest posting is the process of contributing your content to the other website. This is a powerful way to link building, SEO, and traffic generation.  As a guest blogger, not only you but also your host will also get benefited. Guest blogging is a content marketing strategy. This process will help you meet the required content standards.

Benefits of guest blogging

  • Exposure to new audiences
  • Quality Leads
  • Improves your expertise
  • High Reach
  • Increases your search
  • Attracts new subscribers

How to become a guest blogger?

Nobody can become an overnight star. The success will happen while executing little things in a proper way. Try having growth in your industry. By the time when you’re well known in your industry, people will automatically approach you.

  • Know your niche
  • Pack you blog with the quality content
  • Check out the trending blogs of your niche
  • Approach the blogs that you are interested in
  • Provide them with the link of your blog

Why Guest blogging?

Keeping it simple, Guest blogging is necessary to

  • Increase your authority by displaying your expertise
  • Brand exposure
  • Google authorship
  • Improves your writing skills
  • Generates maximum leads
  • Increases website traffic

So, the question is how can you get maximum results as a guest blogger?

Here are the five ways to get maximum results as a  guest blogger

1. Choose a topic and research

Know your targeted site in the market. Select a site that matches with your niche. Now, you need to choose a topic from your targeted site. Search for the most popular content on the website. Choosing a topic that is already popular is like treasuring your future results. Find a topic and use your own tone. You can absolutely take the basic ideas and route a map for your content.

Buzzsumo is a great tool to find a topic which is already popular on its website. It will help you create a related topic and it allows you to write unique content of the same idea.

Steps to find a topic on Buzzsumo

  1. Type URL of the site in the search box  
  2. It shows all the related content

After choosing a topic, the primary approach is to do research. Research your ideas before you pen down your idea. The research will help you get all the info together. It is always a way to provide some great content.

2. Make your pitch

Create a pitch that is personal to your site owner. Your pitch should be in such a way that it could attract a site owner heart. Keep it short and pointed. Writing a guest blog without knowing completely about the basic contact details, is a big No. Even site owners will not prefer to accept such type of content. So, next time when you pitch, make sure to write a pitch with the site owners name in it. Most importantly don’t forget to incorporate your post title in the email body.

3. Create a rapport

Create a rapport with your owner. If you are thinking about how to connect with the site owner? Simply put down a valuable comment on that post. You can also reach your site owner through social media profile like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., this makes your owner get to know about you.

Quality is always the backbone of a content. If SEO is the king then quality would be the queen. When these two come together, the automatically great quality content will be generated. Always deliver high-quality content that makes your site owner come back to you.

You can also use an extension by google chrome called supportive.

4. Use Inbound links

Inbound links are a great way to increase the number of visitors to your blog as well as to the site that you are guest posting too. An inbound link is another way to show up your blog in the search results. This way your reader can approach you not only in your blog but on other sites too. In a guest site, you will have an “about the author” column where you can link to your sites and your recent works. Guest posting is like an exchange of your content with the increased visitors to your blog.

So, build powerful links and provide the great content that your site owner will not dare to remove your backlinks.

5. Promote and measure your success

When you are guest posting, promoting your content is paramount. You can use different channels to promote your content the way you did for your blog. To promote your content you can send emails, newsletters and also you can share your content on social media. Ask your readers to share and comment. This the most probable way to make your site owner happy.

To know your guest post tactics are working or not. You need to measure your analytics. There are many analytic software tools like google analytics, stat counter etc.,


Writing is always fun but you need the right website and quality content. If writing is your all-time passion blogging is one of the best ways to reach your destination. You can also perform a guest post to the other sites that which matches your niche. Guest blogging is a great way to increase the traffic both to your website and to the sites that you are providing to. Everybody can write all you need is make your own voice that your reader can hear you from any site you are.

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