How to find website hosting?

Are you looking for the best web hosting services? Want cost-effective and best-featured web hosting services? Do you have an idea about the companies who provide web hosting service? Then your stop is here. Providing all the necessary information about web hosting.

A web host is a company providing a hosting service or Internet service provider. These services are mostly provided by

  • Bluehost
  • HostGator
  • InMotion Hosting
  • GoDaddy
  • Namecheap
  • SiteGround
  • eUKhost

If you want to go for a personal website, it is free. If it is for a business website, it costs you an arm and a leg.
Did you ever notice the requirements before selecting a web hosting service?
It would become easy if you become informed of the features. Before investing you might plan in advance.

Specifications to consider while selecting  a web hosting service

The web hosting providers own the server and lease it to you to run the website. As we have seen there are numerous web hosting providers, out there is the market. Knowing the features can help you to find the best.

Determine the nature of the Website

A great website requires effective development both on frontend and backend. Like two wheels of a bicycle and two wings of an aeroplane, these both should coincide with each other. Before jumping into the sea of providers, ensure that they provide a catalogue of services that goes well with this requirement. For instance, while creating an e-commerce website you would consider features like

  • Network latency
  • Performance
  • Background tasks
  • Front end delivery ¬†exercises

Of course, the requirement changes according to the change in the type of website.

Cost of the website

The costs involved to host a web service can be broadly classified into two categories.

  • The cost of installing or setting up up
  • Renewal charges that are incurred frequently to extend the service

While the few providers impose less at the time of installing, their renewal fees will be more. Hence, before selecting the service read their terms and conditions.

However, you can opt the services based on the criteria listed below

  • You can select free web hosting if you are unwilling to pay
  • If your budget category is around $10/month, opt shared
  • Go for $50/month and have shared, cloud services and VPS
  • VPS, dedicated and cloud can be obtained for $100/month
  • With $1000/mo, you can avail cloud, colocated, dedicated and managed services

Choose between dedicated and shared web-hosting
Another feature that defines the selection of a web host depends on whether it is a shared or dedicated service. While this hosting has its own pros, it has equal contradictions too.

Pros of the shared web-hosting

  • Cheap- it’s initial prices $3/month
  • Reliable and guaranteed service


  • One server is shared among multiple domains. In case, if there is a lot of traffic, you need to go for a dedicated server
  • Sometimes, it is difficult to change a configuration to meet your specific needs. Particularly on Window hosting

Dedicated web-hosting

In this service, you can whatever you wish and use the way you like. You own a virtual server at your ease and install a customizable software. Use this server in whatever manner you want. But within the legal constraints. You need to really keep an eye on what the website is doing. For the security of the site, you will be held responsible. Give heed to

  • The Ports sniffed
  • Who is trying to break the code
  • Where did the person come from

User friendliness

Find a web host which provides an easy to handle services. Concentrate on the user-friendliness of its settings and control panel. Otherwise, it will be a pain in the long run. Take a trial session before you finally choose the appropriate one. This selection is very essential for your website. Performance mostly depends on this. Don’t regret yourself afterwards by making the wrong choice. They are many highly recommended web hosting service providers. Choose the appropriate one. Better in regards to customer service.

Domain services and speed

This is the ultra-tech period. Any business in a sure shot way grows. When your business grows, you feel the need for addon domains. Having addon domains means creating different domain names and websites with only one host. It saves money and effort, as you don’t pay for any addons. With this, there are many SEO benefits. Moreover, many providers, have limited addon domains. let’s say 1 to 50.

Hence, Choose judiciously. You want internet speed as fast as possible. Isn’t it. You always fret of having a website that takes times to load and turn-off the system. Don’t you. A straight forward question is a search for the web hosting company which offers seamlessly speed website. Choose the provider who persistently outdid the charts.

Unlimited offers

Looking for the lucrative offers. Do you wonder, what’s that question? Everyone does so. But take time to know the provider’s reputation. Study the reviews. Know the information about the soundness, accuracy, quality standards, and above all reputation. Go through their terms and conditions. Some hosting providers either shut down their services or throttle your web performance after a limited usage level.

Domain name

Do you know? According to the studies, almost all fledgeling businesses have their own domain names. Ensure you also have your own. That way you can change the providers if need be. Before going to a web hosting company, you also know a few constraints to have a good domain name.

  • Make it short and simple to type
  • Use keywords that define your services or business
  • If your niche is local, include your state or city name. Make it easily identifiable with local customers
  • Avoid special characters like hyphens and numbers which are always misunderstood
  • Have a memorable and catchy domain name. Once you’ve decided, share it with family members and friends. Know whether it is appealing to them
  • As domain names are inexpensive, they sell quickly. So choose your most beloved domain names asap

To wind-up

Well, in most of the cases, finding a web host is a daunting task. It depends on your requirements. You can choose from various web hosting options online. But before taking a leap consider the points above and take a step.

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