How To Earn Money Through Google Ad sense

Do you remember those days where people used to rush, travel and even migrate to different places to make money? Yes, but time’s changed and the dissemination of the internet has bought many updates on the technology. With the alluring benefits of technology, man found ways to make value from where they are, right from their home. In fact, making money online has become more of a lifestyle thing. Many are leading a life making money online. One of those ways of making money online is through marketing and advertising. If you want to make some extra money this would be a great option.

Have you ever researched the ways to make money online? If you’ve done. You might find Google Adsense is one of them. You will need a blog, channel or an e-commerce store to get an approval for your Google Adsense account. It is the fastest way of making money online.

Advantages of Google Adsense

  • Free to use
  • No special eligibility requirements
  • Customize Adsense page with various options available
  • Assured monthly payment
  • Run ads on various websites with a single Adsense account
  • Run mobile ads
  • High-quality ads

Here’s how you can generate value through Google Ad sense.

Create a website or a youtube channel

Websites are a means of delivering the content. You can either create a free website on Blogspot or on WordPress.

Blogspot is a free blogging website by Google. This would be the best option if you are a newbie working online. There are many types of sites to deliver content which includes Blog sites, news sites, discussion boards etc., these are the easiest ways of optimizing and promoting the content. It can also get links to your Adsense.

Step to create a website on Blogspot

  • Create an account
  • Select a domain name. Always select a domain name that can be easily remembered by your visitor
  • Select a niche and write 400+ words. Including images as they can make your content unique and will urge your reader to stick with the article until the end
  • Customize your blog either with the inbuilt themes or a third party template that matches your website
  • Include About you and the contact info, this increases the visibility.

Now, when you are experienced with blogging and making money, you can switch to WordPress. You need to buy a domain name and a hosting name for your website. This is a smart and professional way of connecting with your audiences.

To make money, you will have to drive traffic to your website. Your content must attract the customer and also get visitors back every day. This way you can generate traffic every day and get loyal customers to your website.

Youtube channel

Youtube is another way of producing content in the form of a video. Create a channel of your own and contribute unique videos. When you create a channel turn on the feature called “Monetization” and it will direct you with the steps to integrate with Ad sense page.  When you monetize your channel, choose the type of ads that to place in your website. Monetizing and placing the ads in the right place can generate money out of your ads.


In the video manager, you will have a list of videos. Choose a video with the most views and monetize it by changing its ad settings.

When you are done with choosing a platform to share your content and once your website or youtube property is approved. Apply for Adsense. Fill Adsense application and approval may take for about 7days. In order to get approval, your website must be packed with valuable and unique content.

Choose an adstyle

Choose an adstyle depending on your website. Adsense is armed with different styles for creating an advertising campaign. You have text-based, images and video ads. Think in your customers perspective. Have a check on the likely clicked ads by them. Then, choose a theme and place an add based on customer persona.

Do not stuff your website with ads. This will give a commercial look. Rather make your website an educational platform. So that your visitors will get back to the website to consume your valuable content. Use google analytics to test the place and ads style that goes well with your audiences.

Use custom search ads

If you provide content on multiple niches or produce various type of content like blogs, news, forums make use of “Adsense custom search”. This will make it easy for your users to search for their pie. This induces extra profits by displaying the ads alongside search box. It generates profits even from onsite search users.

Steps to follow while placing Google ads

  • Stick with google rules and Adsense program policy
  • You can not click your own ads or force your visitor to click your ads. It is totally against Google rules to buy a PPC or using software that can drive illegal traffic
  • Educate your reader that could automatically drive traffic and generating leads through Adsense
  • Make use of some genuine website marketing techniques
  • As there are paramount of mobile users. Make your website mobile responsive
  • Choose your ad spaces carefully that can lead income
  • Adsense generally provides you with 3 ad placements. Use them to the fullest to make your website remunerative
  • Always place your ads on the top page as your ad can be seen without scrolling
  • Monitor and analyze the results to make any further improvements
  • Always go through the warnings sent by Google. Follow them and prevent your website from getting banned

Tips to follow

  • Experiment with Split A/B testing
  • Change colours according to your theme
  • Use the feature called “Placement targeting” to choose a place for your ads to appear
  • With custom, channels check what’s working


There are many ways of advertising and making money online like affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, and many more. Google Adsense stands out as it is trustworthy and free to join. It is an easy way of making money online but all you need is a website to generate traffic. If you are a newbie start with Blogspot, experiment with ads and get complete knowledge and google ad sense and get into the expert level to make the desired money.

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