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How to Drive paid Traffic to Your Landing Page

Do you know what it takes to generate traffic? You need an alluring landing that drags your customer’s attention. Pack your landing pages with compelling CTA’s. Be as creative as possible. There’s no use if nobody visits your page and ultimately there will be any conversions to your website.

Looking into what is a landing page and why is it important.

A landing page is a stand-alone page, created especially for advertising by inducing a single focused objective  “CTA”. This a page where a visitors are directed to your landing pages by clicking your Ad.


  • Filter visitors
  • Generate Leads
  • Track data
  • Solely concentrates on conversions
  • Forces the visitors to take a decision

Types of landing pages

Lead generation landing pages:

It generates a web form to collect information like name and email address. This type of landing pages is especially used by B2B marketers. Lead generation pages are also known as Lead capture page.

Click through landing pages:

These type of landing pages are designed for e-commerce websites equipped only with the simple call to action button.

One way to generate traffic to your website is through Paid traffic through PPC conversions.

Paid traffic

The biggest paid traffic resources belong to Google and Bing. It goes this way when someone searches for a keyword related to your business, an ad related to your business will be displayed in a prominent position while they browse online. There are many platforms where you can generate the desired traffic.

Google Adwords  

Attract customers with Google ads. It displays ads to the people who are ready to buy your product. It is a paid traffic resource that takes you to the targeted audiences. Your ads are not forced on to the general public. Ads are pushed to the people who are already in your products. Set an ad campaign by targeting your audiences depending on the country or region. Easily signup and pay only when someone clicks your ad. Set your daily budget and run an ad. Measure the effectiveness and drive traffic to your website.  

You can also update your ads with the newly generated keywords. End your ads without any time restrictions.

Bing Ads

Run an efficient and simple advertising campaign. Design a strategy and drive traffic to your website. With the bid modifiers, control your daily expenditure on your ads which will, in turn, control the mobile traffic. It will let you import google ad campaigns. It offers mobile and local advertising. Device targeting will let you target the audience depending on the type of the device your customer uses. As most of the users use mobiles these days, it is an easy way to reach a customer who purchases online. Promote your business locally by targeting local audiences. “Bing smart search” will allow you to use web analytics to optimize campaigns.

Social Media to generate traffic

Do you use social media to generate traffic? Yes, it is always a great option.


Reach your targeted customers with targeted ad campaigns. Create a facebook page for your business, connect and engage with your audiences. It collects the data of number like and shares to promote and boost and optimize your traffic. When you generate an ad your users will see an ad which links to your website or to your page. The decision is totally yours on how you want your ads to reach. A customer will click on the ad only when it is familiar with what he is searching.

Target your ads based on gender, age, occupation and region. It also targets who are similar to your customer base.


It is an advertising platform irrespective of the size of your business. Here you can not promote your business by linking to a specific keyword. You can only promote your twitter account, tweets and posts. Set a budget and pay only for the engaged audiences. Measure and analyze your ads with the feature called “Tailored audience”. Lead card feature allows you to ask for a person’s email preventing your prospects to leave the site. Retarget the audience who visited your landing page providing offers and promotions. Analyze, track your Twitter audiences and optimize the posts based on the results attained.


It targets the audiences based on the job profile, gender, age, location, industry etc., Ads can be generated as inmail, sponsored updates, display ads and text ads. Pricing of ads depends on the type of targeting.


It is a potential platform where you can reach about 114milion users. It offers engagement from a genuine community of people. Reach audiences that you desire, by creating promoted posts. The post can either be as a link or a text. It redirects members to the comment section on the promotion page.

Use Email Autoresponder sequence

Who doesn’t love giveaways, generate giveaways with email autoresponder sequence. Solve your customer problems by granting them with solutions through giveaways. Craft your giveaways from kindle and select topic that are related to your niche. You can also check for the topics on Quora and Reddit. Generate giveaways based on the topics you’ve selected.

Create an enticing landing page. Create a copy that your audience wants to receive. Test your landing pages with the A/B split testing to test its efficiency.

Write catchy emails with a great subject line.  From the subject line itself, your customer must know that your email is going to present some value and it must make them wait for your next email. Valuable email creates an emotion called loyalty and it makes it easy for a sale.


Include webinars as your customer might want to learn from your website. These are the effective ways of converting PPC traffic to profit. Webinars are well known to drive conversion. If you want your customer to engage with it. Focus on,

  • Getting people to your webinar
  • Retaining your prospects
  • Converting your attendees to customers

Again, to drive traffic. You can use any of the paid traffic generators like Facebook ads or google ads.

How can your customer know you are running a webinar?

Yes, here’s how you can do it. Send an email invite to remind your customers that you are running an add. Create an interesting and engaging webinar. So, your customer can build a long term relationship with you. You can also run a Q&A session. This will engage and makes your customer stick with webinar until the end to get an answer.


Landing pages are traffic dynamos for your website. Create a compelling landing page and include right CTA’S. You can use any of the paid traffic generators depending on your budget and your business.

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