How to create a Webinar

If you have a business, what is that one thing you had been hearing quite often? It’s nothing but a ‘webinar’. It is the abbreviated form of a web-based seminar. For a long time, hosting webinars and engaging the audience has become a norm. In fact, in this digitalized modern world, many companies are creating webinars in their effective content marketing tactics.
Without a doubt, webinars are a very ideal platform to engage the B2B business users persuasively. It’s an easy way to communicate globally. Let’s explore the techniques and tips of creating and hosting a webinar and conquer the nitty-gritty of it.  But what is this Webinar, which has become like a viral? Let’s dip into the water and know about it.


An interactive seminar conducted online and through an essential software can view over the internet. There should at least one presenter who speaks about a particular subject at a length of time. Generally, lasts for an hour and more than that. The webinar includes video clips of the presenter, slideshows or other visual elements.
It is generally featured to host a workshop, lecture, seminar or a presentation to receive and discuss any information in real-time.
Today, many companies are streaming their videos live on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and more. They even recording their videos and publishing on YouTube. With all this in its place, If you are not creating one then you are lacking something.
For hosting an effective webinar here are few tips

Connect with your target audience directly

Webinars have a wider-reach by reaching a broader audience. It further engages in a more specific way. At present, many companies are reaching their audience directly. Connecting and interacting with their potential customers. For the questions asked by your users, you can simultaneously provide answers. There are used by B2C as they provide a more natural way of interaction.  Use webinars to know your buyers and formulate all the business policies.
Few of the strategies which engage your audience is

  • Asking questions, it can be either direct or rhetorical
  • Use interactive surveys, clicks and polls
  • Slides should highlight the points, what you are saying. They should be bulleted. Insert pictures wherever needed.
  • Provide personal training after webinars if needed

Appropriate webinar format

The power of live video i.e, a webinar is all around us. Many businesses whether small or big are adapting to this new culture. Most of the social media platforms like Periscope, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are using this. It has now been clear that live streaming is here.
As seen above, webinars are the best ways to reap the benefits of creating and hosting web content. It’s like all-time classes given by the knowledgeable instructor which is always free.
Rather than just being a talking head, provide insightful information about a niche topic. You as a business owner can create a strong bond with people.
There are even chances of building email lists with all the quality subscribers who want to know more about you. But before heading on let’s see a few of the possible formats to grow an online business

  • Joint webinars are best if you have a big heart for collaborating
  • Coaching or teaching webinar that provides new insights and information with a niche-specific subject or topic
  • Product  demo webinars are best suited for laying a roadmap
  • Do you find your inbox flooded with questions and problems? Host a FAQ webinar and answer them
  • A single speaker format with one person demonstrates, speaks and answers the audience
  • Interviewer format where an interviewer poses a predetermined set of questions

Recruit speaker, support team

There are mainly three primary players in a webinar. The organizer/facilitator, Assistants and the presenters.
Facilitator/Organizers are accountable for developing a topic. They search for speakers and market or promote the event. They even set the registration process and communicate well with all the participants prior to and after the webinar. Whenever there are troubleshooting problems, these people pitch in and help in solving it. They generally commit 10 to 20 hours of productive hours for each webinar.
A presenter who is also referred to as subject matter expert. They focus mostly on delivering a presentation. They commit four to six hours per week per webinar.
Assistants pitches when there are no answers for the questions near organizers and presenters. They assist mainly in answering logistics and technical questions.

Have a practice session

At least a week before the webinar, run a 30 to 60 minute with all the participants to work out any unresolved technical issues or questions. You need the following during your practice session
Have a thorough understanding and introduction to the webinar tools and its functionalities.
Discuss the usage of the tool and features available with the presenters. Know the contact point beforehand when you faced with any issues or problems at the time of the webinar.
Ensure all the equipment like OS, browsers, headsets etc. are cross-device compatible.  
A review of visuals and agenda is a must. Go through the agenda and roll-over the presentation.
Ensure that the slides are attractive and in the correct order and let the speakers know when should they come in.
A rehearsal like any other programme session is a great opportunity to provoke enthusiasm for the future upcoming event.

SEO promotion

Simply creating a webinar with great content and having expert speakers doesn’t mean people will find your efforts. Once you are already set with all the topic ideas think on whether how much search volume does this topic has. Are you using Email marketing tips to invite existing customers? Use a proper link to invite them. Promote your webinars on all the social media platforms. At times even go for co-marketing with all the trusted partners. Converse and understand what are the tactics they are using it to promote it. These are all the features you need to ask yourself before venturing out your webinar. Send out the promotional information at least 2 or three weeks prior to the activity. Remember to include a succinct description. Do you know there are good places to advertise? Yes, they’re such as

  • Your company website or blog
  • Online event calendars
  • Twitter
  • Online or printed newsletters
  • Facebook
  • Any local communities

Don’t forget to announce about the future webinar during this present webinar


Webinars are very useful for any business type, either it may be B2B or B2C. Creating a webinar is very helpful when you use proper above-listed strategies and more. According to research, 73% of market leaders use this to generate loyally and quality leads. For customers, they are highly interactive and engaging. The attention span for the average live video is 61 minutes. They work in the journey of the buyer’s persona.

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