How to Boost Your Website Traffic with Digital Marketing

Do you know that there is a business team which you cannot ignore? Is that Financial team, No guess more. Is that Admin team. You are nearer to it but not Admin. It is a marketing team that can’t be ignored. Let’s know are you a wise entrepreneur or not. A clever entrepreneur will always set aside a separate budget for marketing alone. This is the era of online transactions and most of the population do their daily transactions online.
For instance, if Your consumer wants to buy a dress or order grocery, they are just logging into the website and purchase their favourites. Hence, you need to know the benefits of being digital and marketing online.

Reasons for having a digital marketing

Here are some reasons why digital marketing earns more traffic to your website than any other traditional marketing

  • Being online can make you find global consumers
  • Opportunities for finding new markets is more
  • Target consumer reach with much lower cost
  • There are measurable and trackable results with online marketing tools and analytics
  • Possibility of knowing the buyers’ persona and how your customers can respond to your campaigns and advertising
  • You can lure your buyers with offers whenever they visit your website
  • Build customer reputation and loyalty by engaging easily with them
  • Create engaging campaigns using various media content
  • Seamlessly create and improve conversion rates

Increasing traffic with Digital marketing

Now the million dollar question starts in your mind as to how to increase traffic. Here are a few tips to follow and understand


It is not enough to produce great content, you even have to be active on social media. One of the approaches to increase traffic is being on social media. You can post and promote the webpage and relevant content. There are many social media platforms like

  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat

Among this Twitter is ideal for snappy, short links. Depending on the business types you can use your social media sites for reaping benefits from them. While Google+ is ideal for more personalized chats and B2b niches. Instagram and Pinterest are image-savvy websites are suitable for B2C. Explore more and get promising activities on social media outsourcing.
At the same time don’t expect the results immediately. There is always time for everything. Take, for example, if you harvest a mango crop in the rainy season,  you need to wait till summer to eat that fruit. Same is the case with Social media. You need to have the patience to eventually increase the traffic.

On-page SEO

Do you think SEO is dead? Before coming to conclusion think it twice. Take expert advice. Optimizing your valuable content for the giant search engines are a worthwhile practice. When you maximize your on-page SEO, it doesn’t take ages to boost the organic traffic. The best way to optimize on-Page SEO is
A title tag is important. Don’t forget this. Create this as attractive as possible. To rank higher in Google, and earn more clicks by optimizing meta title
Ensure your URL is projected rightly. Use keywords in the URL and avoid using symbols, special character, commas, brackets etc.instead use dashes in your URL structure to differentiate the strings.
Use a unique meta description within every blog post. Apply all the targeted keywords in the meta description. Write friendly meta descriptions that are relevant to your post. Google doesn’t care about them but search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Duckduckgo etc. may still care.
When focusing on blog posts write at least 1300 words as per the new standard. The reason with using fewer words is they seem to be less informative.
Adding schema to your content helps search engine understands more. For instance, add a phone number, email address in the footer to give your context more relevance.

Start guest blogging

What did your mind say when you saw the subheading. You intended to say no, right but a thumbs up for you. Guest blogging isn’t dead. Posting content on a reputable guest blog can maximize traffic and help to build a brand image. This is one of the ways to showcase your talent and get your brands’ voice being heard. Here are a few tactics to start a guest blogging and kick the content marketing up for a notch!

  • Research for all the targeted sites
  • Create and promote a post
  • Present you amazing ideas to the editors

Interested in guest blogging after hearing all this! then start your onward journey today. Also, enjoy by inviting others to guest blog on your personal page. It is never a one-way it always has two-ways. Through this way, you can bring new readers to your blog or site. But a note of caution, be sure that you only post original, high-quality content without any spammy links.

Chat with the top industry leaders

Most of the thought leaders are from their own business team itself. This is mostly applicable to B2B businesses. They are crystallizing their awareness in a way to lure your audience. As to promote your brand at the appropriate marketplace, ask them to give their valuable time and interview them. You would be amazed to see how many people are willing to lend their time. Send emails to them requesting for an interview date. After interviewing publish them into your blog and see how viral it becomes. Not only will you gain credibility and increase the traffic by using name recognition tactic, but also expands your endeavours. Even interviewees will also share this content with their groups.
But a heads up to you
Select the thought leaders who are the best fit. If you are interviewing within the organization, you can easily determine who is your right fit. Or else, if you are going outside, then research their pinpoints and understand thoroughly about their knowledge on a specific subject.

Make sure your website is super fast

Are you frustrated with slow loading time? Most of the time you feel it right. Even your customers feel vexed if the loading time is high. If your site takes time forever to load, then the bounce rate will be touching the sky. Make your pages technically optimized including images, page structure and any third-party plugins. Remember the quicker the site loads, the better it is.
But how to optimize the loading time is the question which is running on your mind? Isn’t it
Then there are few ways to go about
To save bandwidth use adaptive images Use tools like Picturefill and improve page speed for your website. Another best option that works is to adopt new image formats like JPeg XR or WebP. This reduces the image weight without minimizing the image quality.
Use CDN’s such as Javascript or CSS which makes your video loads faster and makes accessible to the visitors all over the world.
Don’t use outdated plugins which slows down your website. This takes a longer time to load.
Configure and remove expires headers which are available in the file header. You can always configure these files which never fades out or become obsolete. There is a possibility of increasing the expiration date as it doesn’t impact your loading time of page and server.
As you know there are various hosting plans. The easiest ways to speed up your site is to go for VPS or having a dedicated host.

See yourself in Comment sections

In the last month? How many sites did you visit the relevant sites? You would end up saying many, right. Then why not join their conversation group and comment on them. Today’s world is full of digitalization. Because of its ultra-tech life, the world has become a smaller place. Comment and develop a conversation. Though it doesn’t give the immediate results it is the most powerful way in providing insightful. Provide a thought-provoking and positive comments on various sites and industry blogs. This is a fierce way for name recognition and driving the traffic. But remember that just like guest posting, relevance and quality is the key. Enjoy, be fond of and engage yourself with other users in your niche, Do not drop the spam links or unrelated websites. Digital marketers are now using this trend and blog commenting but never cared about their value message.
Comments like Hey there, wonderful post pal!check out my site at-link flooded the internet and Google even started penalizing for such spammy links.

Observe your Analytics Data

Keep an eye on your analytics data and use this to inform your content and promotional activities. Tracking the strength of your site has journeyed a long distance. Being from merely generating “Under construction” animated gifs and text files on URL references until Google Analytics. It is very easy to track how a visitor landed up on your site that includes offline and internet sources. Even in knowing how much time did they stay on your website, what keyword or content help them in staying over there. Examine your analytics very carefully.

Host and attend webinars and conferences

Users are very eager to know everything which is going around the world. Webinars are there to help and learn from. They are an excellent way to impart wisdom. They are a gateway for increasing traffic for your website. Send an email to all your prospective audience a week before the event and a reminder the previous day. Take videos of those activities and archive it for later viewing. There are many social media platforms as discussed above. Use these platforms and promote your videos widely. Not only hosting the webinar, even attend conferences and conventions. There are many around you that are specific to your industry type. Attend those and gain good insights about them. Remember, an idea can change your life. Take the initiative and speak in those events. This is the better way to establish yourself in the market.

Email Marketing

Many businesses focal point is alluring new customers by creating a content strategy and forgetting about the traditional approaches. In the age of global technology, email marketing is a very powerful tool where every digital marketer needs to incorporate. Even moderately written email-marketing can work wonders for your business and uptick in traffic. Don’t bombard your users’ email with every single update. Email them when necessary. Even word-of-mouth marketing has its stay in the market, don’t overlook that. Especially with the users who are already enjoying your brands’ product and services. An amicable email about any new product and services can increase your traffic. Now let’s see how email marketing can help in boosting the sales
The ultra-modern users are actively participating in forums by checking their emails frequently. Hence, this gives you an edge for a wider reach.
Every consumer tends to view the email when it is more personal and sees their name in the “To” box.  Emails can be viewed at your convenient time and so does your users. It stays as unread till they view it. Moreover, 72% of the audience prefer to accept promotional emails.
Emails are such which lasts for a longer time. It has most-click through rates.
To build credibility among people email marketing is the best. Share some useful and informative content and keep in touch. Don’t lose them.

Landing Pages

You know traffic is essential. Isn’t it? This is especially true when you have an excellent landing page. This helps your existing users to follow and gain loyalty among new users. There are even pages which publishes your offers or rebates. Download a free PDF, document or guide for preliminary users. Some of the ways to attract users for your landing pages is listed below

  • Apply hashtags on all your posts
  • Create relevant content and posts that best resonates with your users
  • Streaming live videos on Facebook works wonders and link that with your website landing page.
  • Tweaking your videos with SEO tactics for your landing page.

Paid Marketing

Apart from the above mentioned organic ways there are even paid ways which one can opt for. You have to pay for your website and let the Google rank them high. At the extremely top of the result pages, the indexed page appears on the top of the first page. Moreover, you probably pay when somebody clicks on your ad. This is the below ways you can go for paid marketing

  • Google search
  • Google Maps
  • Web-based life advertising
  • Retargeting

Listed on online directories

Another best method to expand traffic is to get register in free online survey destinations and registries. An online business directory is a service provided on the internet based on your category, niche and location. Provide the same company name across various categories and even offer a link that directs to your website. Majority of these directories have your website profile and well connection to your website. Hence, effectively refresh these postings and get positive audits for more site traffic. While posting your web address see to the domain authority also. Few of the online directories are listed below here

Online Directory Domain Authority
Facebook 100
Google My Business 100
LinkedIn Company Directory 98
Yahoo! Local 91
Manta 87 72


Digital marketing is one of the popular marketing and promotional activities for your business product and services. Following proper techniques increases the traffic to your website and boost conversations. It even maximizes the brand images through a proper channel. Of course, there are innumerable ways to increase traffic through organic and paid marketing. All the start-up companies are hiring digital marketing agencies and making their brands prominent and popular.

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