Empower your small businesses with Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Who doesn’t dream of starting their own business? But it is not as easy as it sounds. Did you know? Only 50% of businesses cross the five-year mark and only 4% of the small businesses reach the 10-year mark. 

Starting a small business is not an easy feat. You must consider many factors to make the business successful. Not to forget, the tight budgets these businesses run on. Even though they have the best ideas, they are short on both manpower and budget. Imagine managing accounts in such a scenario. Hard, right? 

Accounting is the most important factor of any business, analysing your cash flow and maintaining day-to-day transaction is a must if you want to keep your business running. The accounts of small business should be handled with even more care, as your business success and growth depends on it. Small businesses have up their game, they are also now technologically advanced. It is important if you want to gain a competitive advantage over your peers in the industry.

Ever considered cloud accounting? No, then maybe it is time for your business to drive towards digitalisation. Accounting is highly important, but maintaining it manually is definitely a hard task and risky too. Missing out a single transaction will affect your company statements. There is also a risk of losing them or theft. But with Sage Business Cloud Accounting, you can be assured that maintaining accounts will become easy and secure. 

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is especially built with small businesses in mind. It provides you with amazing features that makes managing your business easy. This software makes you free from admin with its clever features especially built around you. Not to forget, it provides you with solutions for every area of your business. It provides you with tools for bookkeepers and accountants. Even though you have started small, it gives you wings to dream big. With its cloud invoicing, your payments will never again be late.


Anytime, Anywhere

How great would it be if you could access all your accounts from anywhere at any time? Sounds amazing, right!!! As a business owner, you would have a lot of things to deal with. Travel and attend meetings across the globe. So if you can get access to all your documents remotely, your work will get a lot simpler and easier. Sage Business Cloud Accounting provides you with powerful tools that allow you to work from anywhere. You can also download them on your tablet, phone, computer for easy access.

Simplicity & Collaboration

For using this software you don’t need to be an expert. Basic knowledge can take you a long way. This application is user-friendly and even without any technical experience, you can easily navigate through this tool. Sage adds new features often to keep the software upgraded. All these new features will help you in growing your business. If your working with a team, then you know the amount of workload they take to keep your business functioning. With Sage, you can lighten their workload and it also provides your team can also work on real-time data. 

Secure & Support

Worried about your security? It is natural to wonder about the security as you’re storing all your sensitive data. Worry no more, as Sage provides you with bank-level security. There is no need for any back-ups and it also keeps you in compliant with all the latest legislation. Have any queries about accounting? You can always contact the support team through webchat and solve them instantly. 


It’s no secret that mobile has taken a highly important place in people’s lives. This portable device has made life easy and allowed you to work from anywhere. Sage is designed to be mobile-friendly. Once you get this application, you don’t have to worry about invoicing, banking or cash flow. As now you can do all these tasks from the comfort of your home too. This application will work well with Mac’s, iOS, Android and PC’s.


Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a powerful software that provides you with solutions regarding cash flow management and invoicing. Choose a plan that fits your business needs. It offers two plans i.e., Accounting start and Accounting. The former is an entry-level accounting software ideal for managing cash flow. And the latter is perfect for any small business as it supports cash flow management, accrual entries and invoicing. If you’re not sure whether this tool is right for your business or not, then you can use this software free for 30-days. Sounds cool, right? Look no more, get your hands on this software today and improve your business. The best thing that makes this a sweet deal is you can upgrade or cancel it anytime you wish.

  • Accounting start- $10/month
  • Accounting – $25/month


If you’re looking for ways to make your accounting effective, then Sage Business Cloud Accounting is the perfect fit for your small business. This tool provides you with features such as create a sales invoice, real-time reports, generate quotes, connect your bank account, etc. What are you waiting for? Try the free trial and get the application if suits your business needs.

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